1119 Budapest, Mérnök u. 39.

Tel: +36 1 203 0283

Fax: +36 1 883 3636

E-mail: info@gdf.hu


We are very happy to welcome you to the Dennis Gabor College (DGC). Based in Hungary, member state of the European Union, in the geographical centre of Europe we are inviting participation to our educational programmes from progressively farther afield.



In the Hungarian academic system there are two types of higher education institutions: universities and colleges. While universities concentrate on academic research, colleges, among them Dennis Gabor College (DGC), have a more practical approach. Our aim is to offer practice-oriented education based on academic theories.


DCG was established in 1992 as a private institution. Since its foundation the College has been operating increasingly successful programs of IT focused courses. Currently we offer three different BSc courses, five post secondary vocational training courses and four post graduate courses to Hungarian applicants. Since 1992 more than 11,000 students have graduated at our College.


During the past 20 years Dennis Gabor College has gathered experience both in full time and distance education. DGC was among the first few higher education institutions which introduced distance education, and e-learning methods. Both our full-time and distance education courses are supported with online study content.


We would like to invite you to our English language degree programmes designed for international students.



Dr. Sarolta Zárda, PhD